{nafl|₁₀nE a fabric laboratory} founded by sock design brand, +10・10 more.

₁₀nE means new.
Diversity remains the core project in the laboratory, with proficiency in design and manufacturing as the common language to break boundaries and produce sounds. Using everyday items, we propose the solutions that the world needs.

In the past summer days, we explored Pacific species, while in winter, we embraced pictographs, music, myths, and time travels. The imagination weaves a series of concepts from all the places we've reached.With a unique creative perspective, it's an honor to be invited to publish the brand book "+10‧テンモア 台湾うまれ、小さな靴下の大きな世界" in Japan.

Since 2018, we've been frequently invited by corresponding foundations of world-famous artists such as Chihiro Iwasaki, Alphonse Mucha and prestigious art museums to interpret artwork designs into art exhibition and museum original goods.

Over the past 10 years, +10・10 more has focused on sock design and manufacturing. And in the last two years, ₁₀nE has embarked on research into the origins of textiles through the "SPACE and EARTH" series. We enriched the materials and explored natural dyeing techniques. Through a series of experiments, we transformed this innovative concept into a stable production line for our designs.

In the future, nafl aims to apply valuable experiences accumulated from the past developments to a wider range of fabrics, unrestricted by borders and machinery. We rather do our best to extend its possibilities and, together with people from all over the world, weaving new choices of life.

“Space” uses Outlast® fiber in socks weave structure. Outlast® fiber is a NASA-patented constant-temperature space fiber that reduces sweating and keep feet from freezing. “Space” socks are suitable for alpine sports and offer functional usage for adapting to extreme climates in the future.

“Earth” developed a sustainable mud dyeing technique to solve pollution problem in the fabric industry. In the mud dyeing process, different types of mud are combined with various native plants through a mordant chemical reaction, resulting in “Earth” socks boasting a rich variety of colors inspired by the earth.

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